Friday, January 4, 2013

Armor Incoming

Well, the airbrush arrived, and I had to give it a go over the last week. The results are below, and so far I'm satisfied with the purchase. I am still working on trigger control, but for a first time user, it's been fun. I bought an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS, dual-action gravity fed brush and an Iwata Silver Jet compressor.

I'm still trying to hit the sweet spot when thinning the Vallejo Model Color paints.

German armor:

Plastic Soldier Company Pz IV G's, StuH 42, and StuG III G's, along with a repainted  Panzerstahl Pz IV F1 diecast
The Pz IV's have received a quick glosscoat, though in hindsight I should have waited until getting the details blocked in with their base colors before glossing them, as the acrylic paint chips off easily. They're in line for decals and oil paints next, hence the premature glosscoat (/facepalm, but oh well).

Colors used:

Rustoleum Ruddy Brown Primer (spray can)
Vallejo 70824  German Camo Orange Ochre basecoat
3:1 mix Vallejo 70913 Yellow Ochre and 70976 Buff overspray
Vallejo 70976 Buff fine highlight
Camo done with Vallejo 70894 Camo Olive Green

T-34 Company:

Plastic Soldier Company T-34/76's and a Dragon T-34/76 for the command vehicle
Rustoleum Black Primer (spray can)
Vallejo 70894 Camo Olive Green
5:1 mix Vallejo 70894 Camo Olive Green and 70976 Buff overspray

I'll eventually get to weathering this whole lot with sponge chipping and oil paints, then pigments. All of my vehicles will be based to match my infantry.

I need to do some research and find some decals.