Friday, February 15, 2013

On The Workbench - Feb 15, 2013

Here's what's on the Workbench.

Over the past week, I re-based a company's worth of 15mm Flames of War Panzergrenadiers for Battlegroup Kursk, but they'll most likely see action when Battlegroup Overlord is released. I decided to base in groups of two, with a half dozen or so single based figures for when casualties (inevitably) start piling up. I have about a half dozen more LMG teams unbased, since FoW called for two LMGs per squad instead of one. I also have a dozen or so models with Panzerfausts, which I will most likely mount as singles.

They need some static grass ordered to work with the smaller scale, most likely 2mm length. I will also probably get some more small summer/spring tufts, and some flock to finish.

On the 20mm front, I started applying filters and pin washes to the PzIV H's and the Tiger, and am pleased with the results. The burnt umber filter really sets the tone for the dunkelgelb, and ties the camo together quite well. I'm hesitant to do too much weathering to the vehicles with pigments until I can do a bunch at one time. I did spray some German Camo Light Brown along the lower parts of the hulls with the airbrush, and stippled some Buff/Khaki with a sponge along select points of interest.

I couldn't help but base one of the PzIV's  (lesson learned, prime the plasticard with a dark spray for when the middle gets left bare when texturing the base...derp) and finish up most of the details. Base is 2.0" x 3.5", and will be universal for Panzer IV, Panzer III, and T-34 chasis tanks, so I can get cases and foam cut/shaped accordingly and it will be mostly universal for a good number of the tanks needed for Eastern Front gaming.

I need to decide on decals (15mm or 20mm, not sure yet) for the German Division I will do (if any, I may not want to do division-specific stuff) and grab some slogans and such for the Russians.

And I also finished up two more Russian rifle squads (plus extra LMG gunner), allowing me to field a full platoon of rifle-only squads once their bases are done.

The Workbench from this past week


Monday, February 11, 2013

Been a while.

I've been messing around with  the airbrush, and have a good amount of the German armor camo'd up.


Plastic Soldier Company and a Trumpeter.

Dragon pre-paint, additional camo stripes added.

 Le Tigre (glossed up ready for decals)
Dragon prepaint, re-painted.

I've also had some time to finish up some Russian and German infantry.

AB Figures

I had some pics of the T-34 and T-70 horde, but the tanks were too dark to see any decent details. I'll have to get outside and takes some pics in daylight.

Meanwhile, I'm still muscling through another 20 or so Russian and German infantry, bit by bit.