Friday, September 20, 2013

A Much Needed Update

Been a while, but I've been busy.

Here's the latest work I've managed for WW2:

Dragon Ferdinand

Dragon Ferdinand

German Heer Platoon HQ Squad

German Heer Rifle Squad and LMG Team

German Heer Rifle Squad and LMG Team

German Heer Rifle Squad and LMG Team

Britannia German HQ Kubelwagon with AB Figures

The Kubelwagon will be added to a base with a senior officer model from AB Figures, to represent the Forward HQ unit for Battlegroup.

Battlefield PaK40 with AB Figures Crew

Battlefield and AB Figures PaK40 Loader Team
 I need to paint up some spent shell casings, boxes, and finish the base flock.

Plastic Soldier Company Panther ausf A

Zvezda Panther ausf D

Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IV ausf G

Warmodelling Soviet Sniper Team

Assorted PSC and Warmodelling Soviet Infantry

Roden SdKfz 232

Warmodelling SS, repainting in progress
 Repainting in progress of new SS camo smocks, new method on left, old on right. I much prefer the newer technique

Plastic Soldier Company StuG III ausf G (Late)

HaT T-34 Tank Riders

HaT T-34 Tank Riders

Dragon Tiger (Early)

Dragon Tiger (Early)
So yeah, lot's of work. On the workbench is another German Heer platoon, an Opel Blitz, the remaining SS for repaints, a PaK38 with crew, and a 45mm with crew for the Russians. I'm almost ready for the BGK Clash of Reconnaissance scenario.


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