Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Work continues on a bunch of Dwarven Forges' Dungeon Game Tiles. They've just started shipping their second Kickstarter for caverns, and recently they had a restock of several resin sets. I sprung for a bunch of Catacombs and some Medieval Building sets, and there's really no way to describe how cool they are.

Speaking of cool, there's a resin Kickstarter going right now from Zealot Miniatures I'm backing called Twisting Catacombs. They've got a ton of cool little accessories and scenery pieces, and so far the quality looks top notch.

Reaper is also expected to deliver on their second Kickstarter for Bones sometime hopefully before 2015 rolls in. So, it looks like I'll have my hands full with dungeon stuff or the next year.

I painted a female ranger mini from the Bones line recently to get back in the swing of 28mm.

Reaper 77033 Callie


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