Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More This Is Not A Test Post Apocalypse Goodies

Finished up some more caravanner/scavengers for the wasteland. Decided I am going to base my post apoc gaming in a time a bit after the bombs fell, and with a bit of vegetation returning to the wasteland. As such, I've added in some more green static grass to my basing, and this will allow me to do some cool water grime and streaking, as well as justify the rust everywhere. Acid rain corrodes after all!

Micro Art Studio crate piles.
EM4 scavengers.
Copplestone, EM4, and Brigade Games scavengers and caravanners.
 I've rebased all of my painted minis for post apocalypse, and am much more satisfied with how things are looking. I'm planning to get some serious mileage out of my Cigar Box Battle Mixed Ground gaming mat.


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