Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reinforcements Inbound

Got some reinforcements inbound of the 20mm WWII variety.

From Plastic Soldier Company:

6 PzIV's
3 StuG III AusfG's
6 T70's
4 Zis2/3 AT Guns
1 Box of Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform (57 figs)

From Zvezda:

2 Maxim MMG's
2 ATR Teams
2 76mm AT Guns
2 45mm Infantry Guns
1 German Reconnaissance Team
1 German 88mm Flak Gun

From HaT Industrie:

2x Russian Tank Riders sets (44 figs per)
2x German Tank Riders sets (44 figs per)
4 PaK 7.62mm 36(r) AT Guns
4 PaK 40 AT Guns
4 PaK 36 AT Guns
3 German Field Wagons

From Pegasus Hobbies:

1x Russian Farm Houses set (2 per)
1x 2-Story Russian Log House
1x Russian Log Houses (2 per)

On the Workbench right now:

3 German infantry squads and a platoon command squad (think there's an extra LMG in there that doesn't fit into the BGK list, but mind as well paint him anyway), along with 2 Russian rifle squads and an SMG squad, plus officer.

On the Workbench
Hoping to get the Russians finished this weekend, then start in on the Germans. I painted up one NCO from the AB order I placed, and it was such a joy to paint. Talk about great detail. Truly exceptional models. Looking forward to getting to the rest of them.


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