Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays

Well, this Christmas certainly cemented my scale for WWII at 20mm. I received 2 Italeri Stone Houses for Normandy, and several buildings for the Eastern Front, including a Pegasus 2-Story Log House, Pegasus Ukranian House 2, Pegasus Russian Izba, and a MiniArt East European Farmyard.

I'll definitely have to have an assembly and painting party this coming weekend and see if I can knock all these buildings out. At some point I'm going to need to consider how I'm going to store everything in my apartment.

I was also able to make some headway in the tank assembly department, knocking out 2 StuG III G's, a StuH 42, 3 T-70s, and a PzIV G (all PSC). I also had a crack at getting some of the HaT tank riders primed, but they didn't like the Elmer's glue I used, and they popped right off the popsicle stick I attached them to. I think I'm going to either sticky-tac them down, or just glue them straight to their plasticard bases and then paint them. The German horse-drawn carts are an excellent set, quick to assemble, and will paint up great. I'm thinking of using most, if not all, of the HaT AT guns as limbered pieces, as they aren't quite robust enough or detailed enough when compared to other companies.

To round everything off, I've been looking at Linka for Normandy, and I must say, the stonework sets and rough shingle roofs are looking mighty tempting. Soon, but not until I have most of the Eastern Front stuff nearly finished.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!


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