Monday, March 25, 2013

When There's No More Room in Hell...

The dead will walk on board game tiles.

Here's the box contents of Zombicide (minus the Abomination and the Survivors) all painted up. I need to finish up the bases from the latest batch, but I couldn't wait to snap some pics.

I also have some clear LITKO bases on order for both these Zombicide miniatures and my incoming Reaper Bones Vampire+extras, and will experiment and see what works. I really like the effect To Boo Co achieved over at LAF (Lead Adventure Forum, for those not in the know).

Also, I splurged a bit and ordered some Reaper and Hasslefree Survivors.

Gallup (probably going to be my avatar for any future All Things Zombie games, though I may try and add some greenstuff glasses frames on him)

Oh, and because, why not.

So yeah, lot's of cool Zombie things happening.

Also, I've heard that Battlegroup:Overlord has made it to the printers and should be on schedule for a release around Salute. Not that it helps me any, because that only means the WW2 backlog will be growing ever larger. My decals came in from Dom's Decals, and they look great. Perfectly sized for 20mm, even though they're marketed as 15mm. Kudos to Dom.


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