Friday, March 29, 2013

Workbench: Zombicide Survivors

Started work on the Zombicide Season 1 Survivors a few nights ago, and here's the progress so far on a few of the models. I'm finding the detail rather exceptional for single cast plastic figures (and it's not a hard plastic, more of a medium-hard with a bit of flex to it). Mold lines were sometimes tricky to remove, but at a distance it should work out well enough. I'm also liking how the flesh tones are contrasting quite vividly with my rather dark, grimy, and sickly looking Zombies.

Nick, Phil, Wanda, and Josh

I had to make a Word document to keep track of how I'm painting them because their counterpart Zombivor models will either be here in a few weeks or come with Toxic City Mall much later this year when the Season 2 Kickstarter ships, and I'd like to match the paint techniques and process as best I can.

LITKO, Hasslefree, and Reaper all confirmed my orders had shipped, so I'll patiently wait for a few boxes to arrive next week, then start testing how to remove the molded bases and replace them with the clear ones.

Also, Reaper stated they'd started shipping for their Bones Kickstarter, which is excellent, so the wait is down to 4-5 more weeks for those, which is exciting.


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